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Food Sovereignty now: young people creating their future

Young people account for over one fifth of the world’s population. 85% of the world’s young people live in developing countries and more than half of them in rural areas. They are particularly hard hit by poverty and hunger, and by climate change. Young women and men from several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) around the world gathered in Rome on November 14th - 17th 2009 during the CSO Forum held in parallel to the World Food Summit on Food Security 2009. “Food Sovereignty now: young people creating their future” was the slogan of the youth meeting in which participants have declared their demand for food sovereignty and inclusive decision-making at all levels worldwide.

The development of massive industrial agricultural production, trading in the past years as well as  neo-liberal policies without respect to nature and human beings brought the catastrophic situation of 1.02 Billion people in hunger . 75% of the hungry people are living in rural areas and mostly young people and peasant farmers are the victims of these policies. Much remains to be done as regards youth involvement in the fight for food sovereignty and food security at both national and international levels. Food Sovereignty is a legitimate cause involving sustainable improvement of social, economic and nutritional wellbeing of all individuals on earth by increasing access to quality food, production resources and making favourable food policies for all producers in the world.

The assembly of youth made a final declaration, demanding for more participation in decision-making bodies, access to and control over productive resources and especially the land.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reform of the Commitee on World Food Security (CFS)

35th session of the FAO committee on World Security was held in Rome from 14-17 October 2009. George Dixon Fernandez ,President of MIJARC participated in this important meeting as well as involved very actively in the CFS reform process which have been taking place during the last nine months. It is now estimated that more than a billion people, one in every six human beings suffering from hunger and under-nourishment. These are mainly small holder food producers, particularly women, and other rural inhabitants. The food and financial crisis really threatens global food security and nutrition and the achievement of the 1996 World Food Summit target and MDGs for reducing hunger and malnutrition. This is one of the major reasons that FAO member nations agreed at the 34th Session of CFS in October 2008 to embark on a reform of the CFS so that it can fully play its vital role in the area of food security and nutrition, including international coordination. CFS reform has been a topic of discussion in several fora including G8, G20 and the UN General Assembly and also is on the agenda for the World Summit on Food Security 2009. FAO Council considered “the CFS reform to be crucial to the governance of world food security, with a view toward exploring synergies with the emerging Global Partnership for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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