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MIJARC News 3/2008 is available

Dear readers of MIJARC News,

MIJARC is promoting food sovereignty and solidarity economy. This edition is on economic projects. MIJARC wants to improve the living conditions for rural youth with the help of economic projects.
Considering the great difficulties and challenges faced by rural youth all over the world, such as unemployment, poverty, hard social conditions, lack of training, etc. MIJARC decided to take a step forward in the promotion of solidarity economy initiatives, whose objective is to improve the opportunities, capacities, as well as the standardof living of rural youth, their families and communities. Young entrepreneurship is also a good way to foster the involvement of rural youth groups in economic, social and political life at all levels.....click on the image to read more

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Expert Group Meeting

George Dixon Fernandez participated in the expert group on Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources

The Expert Group Meeting on “Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of land Tenure and other Natural Resources” was held at the FAO Head Quarters in Rome from 24-25th November 2008. It was organised by FAO Land Tenure and Management Unit in collaboration with the Government of Finland and UN HABITAT as a preliminary meeting to launch the Voluntary Guidelines on Land tenure and other Natural resources. This proposal will be further presented to the next FAO committee on Agriculture (CoAG) for the approval.Once it is approved there will be an intergovernmental process to be put up in 2009 with various consultation meetings with different stakeholders at different levels which includes regional consultation process too. World Bank, IFAD, GTZ Germany, SIDA (Sweden), CGIAR, experts, private Sector, few governments and civil society organisations (IPC, International land coalition, Global Land Tools Network) were present for the meeting. George Dixon Fernandez (Youth–MIJARC), SofiaMonsalve (FIAN ), Herman Kumara (Fisher folk -WFFP), Beatrice Gasco (IPC), Tui Ahora Warmenhoven (Maori Indegeneous People), Ibrahim Coulibali and Daniel Pascual, (farmers-ViaCampesina) were the representatives of Civil Society from IPC sector.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


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