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High-Level Conference on World Food Security

George Dixon Fernandez, Jose Kalayil and Carolin Grieshop participated in the High-level-meeting of FAO (Food and agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and in the IPC-Forum called “Terra Preta”, which was hold parallel to the official conference in the beginning of June in Rome/ Italy.  During the Forum NGOs raised their demands on how to overcome the food crisis. IPC (International Planning Committee on Food Sovereignty) was the organizer of this Forum.
International representatives of small farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous peoples, pastoralists and Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) have expressed their disappointment with the poor outcome of the High Level Conference on World Food Security in Rome. George Dixon Fernandez: “The final declaration will not fill any plate. The recommendations for more liberalisation would lead to more violations of the right to food. The claims of social movements for more protection and support for sustainable and small scale food producers, for comprehensive Land and Agrarian Reforms and concrete measures against financial speculation have been totally ignored by the governments”. In the final declaration of “Terra Preta” and the statement “No more failures as usual” signed by 900 organisations, civil society organisations have made very concrete proposals on how to combat hunger.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Young people and the millenium Development Goals


You are invited to join the struggle to overcome poverty at World Youth Day 2008.
Young People and the Millennium Development Goals

Tuesday 15 July 2pm - 4pm
Barnet Long Room, Customs House, Circular Quay

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


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