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Environmental degradation: challenge for peasant and family farming Round Table discussion in Namur

Advocacy document – political roundtable

I. Thematic introduction:
The beginning of the 21st century is and will probably remain an eventful period of history of human societies. Indeed, we face today big challenges which call into question the model upon which we decided to built our society. Confronted with the different current crisis (financial crisis, food crisis) we inevitably could consider that our model of development doesn’t work properly, because of three inefficiencies:
-         functional (food insecurity)
-         political (deregulation)
-         ecological (environmental degradation)

Even though we acknowledge the same fact worldwide, we have to realize that the impact of those crisis is different for everyone. With our partner from the North and the South, we wanted to have this time for political dialog to discuss the possible options to fight those malfunctioning.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Investing out of the crisis: towards a partnership between UNESCO and youth organisations

Two years have passed since the last UNESCO Youth Forum took place. Paris hosted from 1st to 3rd October 2009 127 youth delegates and additionally 77 persons from 45 organizations. The Youth Forum gave its youth participants the crucial opportunity to exchange views, share experiences, and identify common opportunities for future commitment and actions.

The main theme of the 6th Youth Forum was: “Investing out of the crisis: towards a partnership between UNESCO and youth organizations” and a cross-cutting theme on: “Youth participation - UNESCO Youth Forum, a long term approach” The two themes of the plenary sessions reflect UNESCO’s commitment to further strengthen partnerships, common goals and its work with youth organizations and networks. Youth delegates were nominated by UNESCO Member States as members of their official delegations. International Organisations, NGOs, UNESCO chairs and foundations were invited as observer.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


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