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MIJARC News 3/2009 is available online

Dear readers of MIJARC News,

“Food for all or fuel for a few?” is the topic of this edition of MIJARC News. The struggle for food for all and also the establishment of living conditions which give people the possibility to develop their multiple potentials and live in dignity is one of MIJARCs major concerns. Agrofuels doesn’t promote life in dignity, thus the apparent question of the topic has only one correct answer: Food for all!
“Agrofuels and Climate change-Even more threats for Rural Poor” is the title of our campaign in 2009/ 2010, with the last edition you received the material and I hope that you have studied the material well and elaborated a lot of significant actions which pushes MIJARCs work forward in fighting hunger and struggling for food sovereignty. We hope to read about it in the next edition.We also try to keep you updated .... read more

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CSO Forum, opening in one weeks’ time

There is only one week left before the opening of the People’s Food Sovereignty Forum. The Forum will be attended by about 600 people, including delegates and observers, who will gather in Rome from November 13th to 17th to debate the causes of the current state of crisis in the agro-food system, and the need refocus attention on the billion and a half men and women who actually produce the food we all eat.

The Forum programme consists of plenary sessions, thematic working groups and autonomous assemblies of women, youth and indigenous groups. While the plenary sessions intend to adopt the plan of action, the documents and final declarations of the Forum, the workshops and assemblies are designed to explore the issues in more depth, and to provide a chance for specific constituencies to organise their own thematic discussions.

The forum will be divided into four working groups. The first topic will be the governance of the agro-food system. Here, the group will focus on who decides agricultural and food security policies, and through which kinds of consultative and negotiation processes civil society it engaged. This working group will discuss in particular how to enhance and promote the reform process of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), recently launched by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
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Monday, November 9, 2009


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