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OGA 2013



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Seminar 2013

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Summer Camp 2013

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Be rural, believe in You(th),

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7 years working for MIJARC Europe…


During last European Coordination Meeting, Anna Caryk, a member of European Team announced her resignation. For MIJARC Europe it is a big lost… She was elected for a  vice-president in 2012 and since then she was actively working with a lot of projects, she was supporting Secretariat with her creative ideas and she was putting a lot of effort in her voluntary job.

The European Team and Secretariat want to express our gratitude for her work last two years and wish her all the best for her future! 


I remember this day like today : sunny July, holidays  at home in the countryside where I come from. Suddenly my neighbour came asking me if I want to take part in a youth exchange. I thought: why not? I had no money at that time and the only perspective I had,  was to spend rest of  the Summer at home. Memories , memories and memories…

I will never forget my first meeting with people from MIJARC . It was in June, 2007 when EiR organized the GA of MIJARC Europe in Kłodzko. I must say that I was impressed. It was the first time in my life when I met so many fantastic people from all around Europe. Excitement? I think I have no words to describe how I felt at that time. Simply amazing. After the GA I decided to continue my work for EiR as a volunteer. My friends and me were gathering in the different parts of my region painting bus stops, planting trees, cleaning up the villages- simple as that.

With the time, I started developing and taking part in more serious actions like writing articles to the local newspapers or managing the local youth group. Work was becoming more and more challenging. In 2010 I helped to organize Summer Camp in Poland, what I must admit, was quite an effort. Finally, in 2012 I realized that maybe it was time to join the European Team which was my dream since always. When in July 2012 I was elected to the post of the Vice - President of MIJARC Europe I finally made my dreams come true. I grew up.

Now, it’s been already 7 years! It passed so quickly. Unbelievable time with amazing people. I met so many great personalities on my way, who will be always a part of my life .

I would like to thank each one of you for your support and understanding. Thank to you I became a person I am now. I’ve learnt so  much! Big thank you once again!

Anna Caryk


Why do the European Parliament Elections matter?


Voters in all 28 member states of the European Union (EU) will go to the polls May 22–25, 2014, to elect representatives to the 751-seat European Parliament.

It’s one of the largest democratic events in the world, and the upcoming vote is set to be the most important such elections to date. Over 413 million European citizens will have the opportunity to influence the future direction of the EU.

Why do the European Parliament Elections matter?

The elections are taking place during a period of profound political and economic crisis, and will shape EU politics for the next five years. The results will determine the answers to such questions as:

  • How can the eurozone be made robust and sustainable?
  • Should austerity policies be maintained or abandoned?
  • What forms of political and economic integration in Europe will continue
  • Will tolerance and democratic values expand or shrink?

Through the ballot box, voters will have the chance to determine the political majority of the European Parliament. More fundamentally, the elections are an opportunity to breathe new life into the European Union and to begin a more inclusive and positive future for the European project.

What kind of opportunities for a more open society will the elections bring?

As with any election, the European elections are an opportunity for groups representing open society values—tolerance, diversity, inclusion—to campaign for their issues to be recognized by future MEPs.

The elections are an opportunity to increase and broaden political participation and representation. Currently, only 35 percent of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are female, while women make up 52 percent of society in Europe; only 126 MEPs are under the age of 40; only 15 MEPs have ethnic minority backgrounds.

The elections are also an opportunity for EU citizens living in another member state—Polish workers in London for example or British pensioners in Spain—to use their right to vote in their country of residence to participate in and influence issues, like the future of freedom of movement, that directly affect their lives.


European Coordination Meeting


This year European Coordination Meeting took place in Dilbeek (Belgium), on 29th – 30th March.

On this meeting the European Coordinators (Marina Grigorova from YMDRAB Bulgaria, Inez Isabel from JARC Portugal, Daniel Steiger from KLJB Germany, Francois Bausson from MRJC France and Karel Billiet from KLJ Belgium), Florina Pavel - representative of ASPD Agenda-21 Romania, all the members of the European Team (Olivier Durgain, Florian Aurbacher, Anna Caryk, Lyubomir Todorov, Jan Vanwijnsberghe) and staff of MIJARC Europe (Ana Silva and Magdalena Puć) were present. We had also guests from MIJARC World: Klaus Settele (World Coordinator), Claire Quintin (General Secretary of MIJARC World) and Christopher Mumbi (Treasurer of MIJARC World). 

We started the first day with very sad news – Anna Caryk, vice-president of MIJARC Europe had to resign from her position in the European Team with personal reasons. Olivier presented the results and progress of our Action Plan and Lyubomir informed about the progress with CER. Next point in the agenda – decisions about communications. Ana and Florian presented financial situation of MIJARC Europe. Then Jan with all the participants started the preparation of upcoming GA. Working groups gave their ideas of the most important topics to discuss during the GA. the afternoon we had an interesting discussion about enlargement strategy, profile and values of MIJARC Europe. We ended the day with Spiritual Impulse prepared by Karel. In the evening European Coordinators presented news from their movements and after this… a surprise farewell party for Anna. The second day we started with call for European Team members. Then Ana and Jan were presenting idea of moving the office of MIJARC Europe. Next the World Coordinators (Anna and Klaus) and our guests from MIJARC World (Claire and Christopher) explained the situation of MIJARC World.

The official report of the Coordination meeting will be send to all the movements!


“What will I really be able to do?” my arrival as intern at MIJARC Europe


On Monday the 31st of March I came to Brussels, I was ready and enthusiastic. After having taken the wrong direction with the metro and having walked a little bit in the streets, I finally found the 53 rue Joseph Coosemans with three smiling people waiting for me in front of the door. Of course I was stressed, I arrived in something totally unknown, because I never heard of the Mijarc before. I visited the several spaces, rooms, several offices, several floors, I was a bit lost.

In the evening I could not stop thinking of how would be the following day. And then the D-day arrived.

Thanks to Ana I discovered the activities of the Mijarc and how I would be usefull. Because this was what I was wondering so many times: “What will I really be able to do?”. That was my biggest fear, but also what attracted me, finally do something concrete and no more learn theory like during my study. I wanted to be usefull!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

And here it is, I am writing an article, my first job for the movement.                                                                                                                                                                          

Why did I came to Mijarc is a good question. Withing the context of my master in France I needed to do an intership to validate my year as a student. I did'nt really want to do it in a big company, I wanted something with projects I care about, something which would give me a real motivation. I heard by the Mrjc in France, movement in which I take part, that a european and world organisation existed, the Mijarc. This what I didn't have with the Mrjc, the international thing. So I didn't hesitate. In the middle of all Cvs I sent here and there, one came to the Mijarc. And after a few discussions the positive answer came. That was a great relief for me because lots of students had problems to find something good. And I just found and as well in an organisation which interests me.

This is why I am here today. In the Mrjc I did a little of animation, voluntary work , I took part of several events, of teams in several region of France, but I never worked there. To work in the Mijarc is for me a chance to discover the other side of the coin when we organise events and create projects. And I have the intention to discover all this inch by inch for the few months I am here.

See you in Brussels!




MIJARC Europe is looking for a new European Secretary


As a movement of self-organized young people, it is a desire for MIJARC Europe that this full-time employee comes from one of our rural organizations. The person should, in principle, work in Brussels. You will find more information about the profile and tasks of this position here.



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