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MIJARC Europe Extended General Assembly 2015
MIJARC Europe Seminar 2015
Study session with RYE
MIJARC Europe Extended General Assembly 2015

EGA 2015

MIJARC Europe Seminar 2015

Seminar 2015

Study session with RYE

Study session with RYE Europe

Training Course 2015

Be rural, believe in You(th),

create the Europe of tomorrow!



Summer Camp - Rising temperatures, rising voices

Together with GUG, MIJARC Europe is preparing its upcoming Summer Camp planned to take place in Gozo, Malta, between the 18th (arrival day) and 24th (departure day) of August.
Three energetic participants from each member movement are invited to join the “Rising temperatures-rising voices” Summer Camp. Our desire is to have a greater impact through our interconnected activities which are part of our annual work plan. Because of this, it is preferrable that the young people who wish to join us in the Summer Camp adventure, had previously participated at the Online Training Course “In the mood for climate change” and/or the Seminar “Youth Energy Powering the Future”.
As the title says “Rising temperatures – rising voices”, the international summer camp will try to teach young people how to make their voices heard against global warming and climate changes, in a fun and creative way.
Under the main topics of climate change and sustainability, the current Summer Camp aims at:
 Encouraging young people to develop creative tools to raise awareness at grass root level and to act as advocates for taking action on climate change in their organisations and their communities;
 Exchanging about creative campaigning tools and good practices for mobilizing people in the rural areas
 Developing materials and tools for implementing a European campaign by the means of interconnected local campaigns;
 Exploring what paths, approaches and tools to use as individuals and as organisations to put pressure on local, national and European authorities to respect the commitments taken towards climate change;
 Preparing a group of enthusiastic advocates against climate change that are able to lead local campaigns and coordinate their efforts
Following the See-Judge- Act methodology, the Summer Camp represents the ACT steps, as for 5 days, 19th to 23rd of August, we will engage creativity in our activities and design tools. The participants as mentioned above should be young people aged 18-30, from rural areas in Europe, active in their sending organisation, committed to implement a local campaign after the summer camp and preferably with the proven ability to mobilise young people and rural communities. Through the method "See, Judge and Act" the participants will engage in activities based in non-formal and informal learning such as working groups, field visits, pedagogical games, icebreakers and energizers, clues game, debate/discussions on the topics of the activity, quiz, thematic evenings, presentations by each country, plenary sessions, interaction with the host community and preparation of dissemination and exploitation of results material.
If you are interested in joining this Summer Camp, download the call and the registration form attached or contact your local movement and ask them for details. 
This activity is co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation. 

Call for trainers for an online TC


This year the annual topics of MIJARC Europe are climate change and sustainable development. We will pursue these topics with an annual work plan "Cool attitudes for a cooler future", financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation. The work plan includes an online training course on climate change, an international seminar, a summer camp and a series of local campaigns. 

CALL FOR TRAINERS - Online training course "In the mood(le) for climate change"

As the first activity of the work plan, the online training course "In the mood(le) for climate change" is approching, MIJARC Europe is launching a call for trainers who will work together with the team and secretariat to prepare, deliver, evaluate and report the online training course. The online course will be hosted on the Moodle platform, it will have a duration of  2 months (1st May - 30th June 2016) and its content will be split on 8 learning units, each spanning on 1 week. The working language on the platform will be English. The content of the online training course will be focused on climate change as a scientific phenomenon, analysing first the causes of these changes in the climate conditions, identifying the human actions that add to the natural causes, understanding what are the signs that predict catastrophic scenarios and especially what are the already visible effects of climate change and what other scenarios are more and less plausible. 

For the full description of the online training course, the profile of the trainers, the financial and logistic details, please see the Call attached. 


General Assembly of MJRC - Ecology and MJRC


Not long ago talking about topics such as “ climate change” and “responsible consume”, etc. seemed associated with people determined to deter the pace of growth which, as thought, would be beneficial for all of us. Today we know that this is not the case…Today we know that this growth pace is affecting all of us as a result of our actions- we are drastically reducing the finite products of our planet. Some of us still think that, this pace, only serves to a small number of people that benefit from it, having at risk the majority of the beings living on this planet, humans included.

Aware of this issue and of the responsibility of the individual, from the Movimiento de Jovenes Rurales Cristianos, that met in Cuellar between the 18th and 20th of December, we send the following message to whomever wants to hear…

First of all, our rejection of a society that has as final purpose the economical growth, one that is committed to a culture where “ the finances drown the real economy” (LS109), causing distraction at the human level, suffocating the villages, manipulating the science,  subjugating the politics and leading our planet towards a critical point. This is why we are telling our politicians to take a step and assume their responsibility and not to act in the advantage of their votes but by respecting the more ecological opinion that “ ca affect the consume level or endanger the foreign investments” (LS 178). We believe that “the politics should not comply to the economics” (LS 189), but to its village and the common good, this is why we are ready to, having in mind the respect and the no to violence, go on the streets and make pressure to recover what is ours: the democracy.

On the second place our convincement that, as the Pope says, “ the environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of all of us” (LS 95). Additionally us, as youth that live in direct contact with the environment, we consider ourselves privileged and more importantly, responsible for its caring and protection. This is why we take this responsibility, aware that, working for nature is working for the common good.

On the third place we want to make a call for the hope, because we are convinced that “ love can do more” and that no system can cancel for good the capacity of truth, good and beauty in “ the capacity of the reaction that God continues to give to us”. We know we can and we should create an alternative life style capable of determining “ a change in the society” (LS 208), and for this we should assume our social responsibility as consumers and  make a change in our life style.

And us, as young Christians  aware of the ecology, as the Pope reminded us, it belongs to our faith, we want to assume this alternative life style in the middle of this “technoeconomic paradigm” (LS 53). We want to engage our hands and heart in the care and protection of our “ common house”.

Cuellar, 20th of December 2015



Series of local trainings on youth unemployment - Social projects in Turkey


We continue the series of articles on the final phase of our annual work plan "Let's build our future together! - opening the door to the labor market", which if co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation . After taking part to our international training course "Let me lead you(th) to success" and after learning about youth unemployment, the participants went back in their countries and acted as multipliers, organizing a local training course on youth unemployment for young people in their movements. 


Social projects in Turkey

Following the international training course that I attended in Malta, "Let me lead you(th) to success", organised by MIJARC Europe and financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation, S&G organised a local training course on youth unemployment. The purpose of the project was to apply in Turkey what we had done/learned with MIJARC Europe. Therefore, I tried to use the methods that I learned in Malta. The participants were from different countries like Serbia, Macedonia or Spain, therefore, first we did ice breaking games to meet each other and learn names. Then, I gave a short introduction about the problem of youth unemployment in Europe and what we had done in Malta to find solution to this.  After that, we divided into 2 groups and each group reflected on the difficulties young people face, stereotypes of employers, and how to solve this by using different methods like creating social projects.  After each group presented what they did, people from different countries explained how the youth situation in their countries was and what is the rate of youth unemployed and what would be the best example of good practice they would choose to solve the youth unemployment. Lastly, we evaluated the project and got some ideas how to it better.


Series of local trainings on youth unemployment - “Let me lead you(th) to success” in Romania!



 We continue the series of articles on the final phase of our annual work plan "Let's build our future together! - opening the door to the labor market", which if co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation . After taking part to our international training course "Let me lead you(th) to success" and after learning about youth unemployment, the participants went back in their countries and acted as multipliers, organizing a local training course on youth unemployment for young people in their movements.  

“Let me lead you(th) to success” in Romania!

The one year initiative developed by MIJARC Europe was spread all over the continent through the new network of European multipliers on the topic of youth unemployment. If there were any request to describe this process, I would say “wonderful peer-to-peer chain”. Why? Because the whole initiative endowed youth from all the corners of Europe with the necessary knowledge and abilities in order to become multipliers of education in their countries. In Malta youth were trained by youth and, coming back home, they continued to develop this chain in their countries by creating an educational framework which targeted other youth. All this was possible thanks to the support of the Council of Europe, through the European Youth Foundation.  

In Romania, the local workshop was very well welcomed by 16 young people from a rural area, very close to Bucharest. Since they were very young, aged between 15 and 17 years old, the workshop was designed according to their needs as future high schools graduates. In order to introduce them in the topic, the first session of the workshop aimed at presenting the best practices in tackling youth unemployment around Europe. The challenging part of this session was that they had to think critically about them and assess if they were suitable for the Romanian situation.

The next sessions of the workshop aimed at promoting volunteering activities as possibilities to gain knowledge and enhance their chances to enter the labor market, but, on the top of all, they aimed at encouraging volunteering attitudes towards people around them, towards their communities. The final part was designed in order to show to the young people the practical aspects of being volunteers. According to the Romanian Law of Volunteering from 2014, the persons who are involved in volunteering activities can have their experience recognized as working experience. Also, since they were very young, they had a first lecture of the Law of Volunteering and got to know their rights, duties and benefits as volunteers.

The whole experience was an opportunity to explore new realities, to get and share knowledge and, last but not least, to learn new things while having a lot of fun!



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