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OGA 2013



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Seminar 2013

9th - 15th August > Poland


Summer Camp 2013

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Be rural, believe in You(th),

create the Europe of tomorrow!



My internship in MIJARC Europe and MIJARC World


It's time to say goodbye to another person working for MIJARC. Sonia Basset, our intern is finishing her internship after four months of discovering the world of international organisations. We want to thank her for her great and very hard work! 


Since April 2014 I was working as an intern for MIJARC Europe and MIJARC World.

This internship has been a great opportunity for me to discover the world of work and an NGO that I didn't know before, even as member of MRJC in France. I’ve learned a lot of things, in the association and secretary field and it helped me to know better who I am and what I want to do in my future, as a job and also as a volunteer.

I don't regret anything, even if it was not always easy. To see an association at an European and World level was a big chance for me and I am glad of it. Now I also see some things from another point of view. I discovered the difficulties that appear at such a high level in comparison with my local movement, and it is very interesting. To see the differences between the World and European levels has also been very interesting and sometimes a big challenge. But I think I needed such a challenge in my life, it is a good way to go on and not to be scared of the future. I really hope I could help a bit, even during a short time.

I am also very happy that MIJARC enabled me to meet a lot of people, especially during the seminar of MIJARC Europe but not only. MIJARC is a beautiful network between people everywhere who really want to share ideas, to meet people and to work together for a better world. I hope MIJARC will survive a long long long time and will be developing more and more. I know that this kind of organisation helps a lot in people's life and this should never stop.

This internship was not only an internship for me. I really had the impression to be part of something, of this association, not only to be an intern. I hope it won’t end!


Bridges for ideas and practices - a big international project of YMDRAB was approved by the “Erasmus+” Programme of the European Commission



Led by a sincere desire to support effectively the personal socio-educational development of the rural young people with speech and language impairments, YMDRAB in partnership with another 4 organisations from different European countries prepared a project named "Bridges for ideas and practices". We are really happy that our project was approved for funding by the new Erasmus+ Programme.

The main project activity will be an international training course for increasing the capacity and better quality of work of youth workers who are involved in non-formal education of youngsters with communication disorders in rural areas of Eastern Europe. It will include their professional training and development of their cooperation for innovation and exchange of experience, skills and best practices. The training course will be held from 22nd to 31st of August 2014 in the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea Resort St. St. Constantine and Helena. It will bring together 50 youth workers and experts from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria, who actively support the social integration and career development of rural youngsters with speech and language disorders in their countries.

The training will be conducted by an international trainers team. The activities will be entirely based on the methods of non-formal education. They will include presentations, working groups, workshops, group discussions, field visits, group games and others. Through them, the participants will learn about the essence and applicability of the latest methods for non-formal education and systems for work with young people with different communication disorders - hearing impairments, stuttering, specific comprehension impairments of oral and written language, dyslexia and others. During the training they will exchange ideas and experiences and will acquire practical skills for encouraging inclusion of the youth with disorders to the educational system and labor market. The youth workers will develop their cooperation for innovation and best practices, aiming a better quality of the services offered by them in benefit of young people with disorders.

An important part of the training will be presenting of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme to the organisations which work with rural young people with fewer opportunities in Eastern Europe and planning of ideas for further interaction and cooperation among the partners.

This project will improve the professional competences of the youth workers and will increase the capacity of the partner organisations for international team-work. The project will activate the exchange and collaboration between them for development and integration of new tools and approaches for work with youngsters with communication disorders. And last but not least, the project outcomes will be immediately put into practice through the daily activities of the participants with young people with speech and language disorders at local level. At the same time, the project results will be also distributed at international level through the membership of the partner organisations in various European youth and professional associations.


Farewell time: not a “goodbye” but a “see you around”


It is a very sad moment for MIJARC Europe… After four years of great work as European Secretary Ana Silva decided to leave our “family”. There are no words to express our gratitude for her commitment and dedication to MIJARC Europe. We want to wish her all the best for her future!

At the same time it is a very happy moment – we have selected a new European Secretary, Brenda Aerts and we are sure she will continue this great work!


It seems like yesterday when I got that unexpected phone call saying I was selected to be the next European Secretary of MIJARC.  Since then all my life turned 180º: a new country, a new home, a new language, a new job… a whole new life was included on the package and I loved it!

During the past 4 years I have proudly represented MIJARC Europe as the European Secretary and given my best to support the member movements and the European Team in all their needs.

My job included among other tasks to organize summer camps, seminars, training sessions, campaigns, meetings as well as participating in many external events, hosting interns and working with colleagues from different countries. This allowed me to learn, teach, and meet so many wonderful people around Europe and the world. In MIJARC I have made true friends, developed many competences and lived a great international and inter-cultural experience.

I want to thank each and every one of you who crossed my way during these years in a way or another. From those who have selected me for the position, passing by those who gave me very precious help, till those who just with a simple smile or nice words made me believe that all my efforts were worth it: THANK YOU!

I wish the very best for the future of MIJARC Europe and this new generation of European Team members who will be leading and supporting it from now on, and very especially to Brenda Aerts who is replacing me now as European Secretary. May all of you live this experience in MIJARC with great success.

It was with great pleasure that last GA I engaged as Coordinator for Europe at MIJARC World level (replacing Anna Caryk). Therefore, my bonds with MIJARC will still keep tight for two more years and you’ll keep hearing from time to time:

“Who is MIJARC?

MIJARC is its members!




Seminar 2014: “Eating, producing, deciding: our voice and our choice for the future agriculture in Europe”


French village, beautiful castle, organic food… all this for participants of this year’s MIJARC Europe seminar “Eating, producing, deciding:  our voice and our choice for the future agriculture in Europe”. It took place from 28th July to 2nd August in Marconne (France).

Thanks to the support of the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation and The Arkleton Trust Fellowship young people coming from different European countries could gather together and discuss the rural reality in Europe (the place of the youth in farming, training facilities, consumption behaviour, the process of policy making),  judge it, through field visits and expertises and at the end propose actions and remedies to what they’ve found out. All the points of programme prepared by Think Tank group composed by six volunteers: Severin Kessler (KLJB Germany), Marina Grigorova (YMDRAB Bulgaria), François Bausson (MRJC France), Jeroen Decorte (KLJ Belgium) with Jan Vanwijnsberghe and Olivier Dugrain from the European Team.

First two days the participants were divided into two groups:

1st Group: the production and consumption behaviours

2nd Group: the place of Youth in Agriculture


Those days were full of interesting discussions, games, theatre plays and field visits. Each evening the groups were presenting what they were doing during the day.

On the third day in the morning there was a meeting with experts: a former farmer, a vice-president of the Regional Council and a journalist at the L’Humanite. After that meeting the participants started to plan how they can act! First their task was to plan what kind of actions they could prepare - actions connected to the topics discussed during the seminar. The next step was to prepare different actions and show them to the people – inhabitants of Hesdin, small town in France, next to Marconne.

The last afternoon the participants spent in Hesdin – playing Agricupolis (game about importance of Education in Agriculture), singing songs about problems of young people with access to land, discussing with people about rural areas and sharing the knowledge they gained during the seminar.


MIJARC Europe General Assembly 2014


This year’s MIJARC Europe General Assembly took place in Marconne, France from 25th to 27th July. The delegates approved the Moral Report 2013-2014 and the Financial Report 2013 discussed and took many important decisions about the MIJARC Europe strategy of enlargement. Action Plan for 2015 was discussed and approved. It is also important to mention about the TTIP position paper which was presented by Daniel from KLJB Germany and Francois from MRJC France and approved by the delegates.

We want to thank our guests: Claire Quintin from MIJARC World and Maximilian Niessen from JECI MIEC that they joined our GA!

We also want to inform about some changes in the European Team: Lyubomir Todorov has resigned from his position, Florian Aurbacher’s and Olivier Dugrain’s mandates are finishing in September. Three new members of European Team were elected:

Veronica Nordhus from KLJB Germany

Jeroen Decorte from KLJ Belgium

Thibault  Diusit from MRJC France.

There were new European Coordinators elected:

Ines Isabel for JARC Portugal

Lucia Sanz Lopez for MJRC Spain.

We also want to inform that Ana Silva was elected for new World Coordinator of MIJARC World.

Thank you all for your commitment and active participation!



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